Subject: Academy of 'Q Sweepstakes Info Part 1

Hey this is Jim. Congratulations you have entered to win our Traeger 780 Pellet Grill sweepstakes to kick off the launch of Academy of ‘Q - Where Average Joe’s Learn to ‘Q Like Pros!

We hope you win, but most of all, I’d like to officially welcome you to our world, and to make sure you put out a ‘Q product you can be proud to serve your family and friends.

I started competing 15 years ago, and I had a ton of success with my BBQ team, McFrankenboo BBQ. We travelled all over the country, competing against all the old legends of the pit.

In 2010, we went to Mexico and won the only event ever to be held there. As a result of our showing at that event, we were drawn to represent the state of Arizona in the Jack Daniels World Invitational Championship.

From there, we continued to build on our experience and competed in the American Royal, the Sam’s Club Invitational, won multiple individual championships, numerous first place’s and perfect scores of 180.

When we finished our competition career, we finished 9 in the nation in chicken out of over 19K teams and 24th in the country overall.

But my career didn’t start out all roses and success. In fact, I struggled quite a bit. Tomorrow I’m going to tell you a little bit about that and why I almost quit entering BBQ competitions, and what helped turn things around for me.

Sound good?

Cool. Then look for that email tomorrow.

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Keep Smokin’

Jim Frank - Your Personal Pitmaster

P.S. The subject line will be “AoQ Ch. 2 of 5: I didn’t know what I didn’t know’”- so look for it.

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